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Association between sleep and Burnout Syndrome in undergraduate students, a cross-sectional study using data from GraduaUEL


Different challenging situations are present during academic life, making college students a vulnerable group to mental health issues. There is evidence mental health influences academic performance and adding it to many other variables results as risk factors to Burnout Syndrome.


Analyze the association between sleep quality and Burnout Syndrome in college students at a public university.


This is a cross-sectional study with college students with active enrollment in 2019 from the State University of Londrina. The study variables were collected through an online quiz, considering sleep quality as the independent variable, Burnout Syndrome as the dependent variable. The last model was adjusted for sociodemographic and academic variables with Poisson regression.


From the 2,721 students analyzed, poor sleep quality was observed in 73.75%, which, when crossed with information about mental health in the Burnout questionnaires, a prevalence ratio of 1.379 (1.332-1.429; <0.001) was found, which was sensitive to the adjustment variables, changing its value to 1.291(1.244-1.339; p-value <0.001) after the applying these.


An association between poor sleep quality and burnout syndrome was found in the analyzed group, being personal burnout the main responsible for the results obtained, but with no huge differences when compared with its subtypes.


Burnout Syndrome; Sleep Quality; Students Mental Health; Cross-Sectional Study; Sleep Disorders.


Área Básica


Universidade Estadual de Londrina - Paraná - Brasil


Gabriel Dionisio Gotardo Mata, Camilo Molino Guidoni, Rafaela Sirtoli