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In health promotion, actions on health in general or specific issues such as sleep aim to positively impact the quality of life and individual and collective well-being. For this, there is a need for strategies that generate solutions for the problems identified in the population and provide changes in habits. There are advances in technology and the growing use of the internet in different communication channels, so social networks can serve as an instrument to access information to promote health when used in a creative, dynamic, dialogic and ethical way, taking advantage of the simple way of communicate and the broad reach they provide.


Identify how health information is addressed in social media.


An integrative literature review was carried out on the relationship between social networks as a means of education on sleep health. The search took place in the VHL (Virtual Health Library), SciELO and PUBMED databases. The Decs/MeSH descriptors used were: “Media/social networks”, “Health education”, “sleep”, “Health promotion” and “Health education”, their respective correspondents were also used in English “Health promotion” , “Social media/networking”, “Sleep” and “Health education”, combined together using the Boolean operator “AND”. The following were included: studies in English and Portuguese that addressed the topic; available in full. The following were excluded: literature review articles. Criteria regarding the year of publication were not used. The selected studies were analyzed on July 24, 2021, by two researchers independently at the same time, selected from the title and abstract to apply the aforementioned inclusion and exclusion criteria.


During the search, 260 articles were found, of which only 9 were weighted, and the following findings were found: report on problems caused by the lack of a good period of sleep; technological tools to help health professionals deal with difficulties in a more practical way; analysis of the importance of dissemination on a website for information on infant and child sleep; the use of social media to promote student health; an internet-based program that promotes sleep literacy among college students; the integration of online communities with computerized treatment for insomnia among health professionals.


The findings selected for this review brought succinct considerations on the subject. For this reason, it is suggested that more studies be carried out on the topic.


Health Promotion; Social media; Sleep.


Área Básica


Valdemir de Souza Barbosa, Nathália Monteiro Santos, Aline da Silva Frajuca, Ellen Mylena Feitoza Dias, Vanessa Silva Dantas, Joyce Menezes Santos, Anna Victória Guimarães Campos Araújo, Rafaela Gois Alves Cezário, Melissa Kelly Souza de Jesus, Gerlane Karla Bezerra Oliveira Nascimento