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Relation of sleep habits and physical activities with sleep quality


Sleep deprivation is common in adolescents due to the early start times of morning classes, along with irregular sleep times, may produce poor sleep quality. In addition, other factors may also influence sleep quality, such as the practice of physical activities and sleep habits.


To evaluate the relation of sleep habits and the practice of physical activity with sleep quality.


84 adolescents (age 15.7±0.9 years) high school students enrolled in morning classes, filled the “Health and Sleep” questionnaire and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index. A multiple linear regression analysis was performed with the following predictor variables: ‘the practice of physical activities’; ‘when hungry before bed: eating a light meal, a heavy meal or go to bed hungry’; ‘at bedtime, unable to sleep thinking about things to do’; ‘at bedtime, remembering the events of the day’; ‘looking at the time on the clock several times a night’ and ‘use the bed for other things (talking on the phone, watching TV, studying, using cellphone/PC/Tablet, playing video games)’. The model's response variable was the sleep quality score.


The degree of association between the predictors and the response variables was 56% (R = 0.562). The model explained 31% of the variation in the sleep quality score (R² = 0.316; adjusted R² = 0.253 – F(7,76) = 5.009, p < 0.001). The variables that predicted worse sleep quality, were: ‘eating a heavy meal before bed’ (β = 0.308; p < 0.01) and ‘use the bed for other things (talking on the phone, watching TV, studying, using cell phone/PC/Tablet, playing video games)’ (β = 0.248; p < 0.05). In addition, a tendency was observed for the variable ‘at bedtime, not being able to sleep thinking about things to do’ with worse sleep quality (β = 0.205; p = 0.06). The other predictor variables included in this study did not show any significant association with sleep quality.


Thus, habits before bedtime, especially eating habits, such as ‘eating a heavy meal before bedtime’ influence sleep quality in high school students enrolled in morning classes, making it important to develop programs for dissemination of sleep hygiene measures to improve sleep quality for adolescents.


Adolescents; Sleep quality; Sleep habits; Physical activities.


Área Básica


Laboratório de Cronobiologia e Comportamento, Programa de Pós-graduação em Psicobiologia, Departamento de Fisiologia e Comportamento - Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil, Laboratorio de Psicofisiología, Facultad de Psicología, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, Monterrey, NL - - México


Fernanda Mayara Crispim Diogo , Zoélia Camila Moura Bessa , Sabinne Danielle Galina , Maria Luiza Cruz Oliveira , Pablo Valdez , Carolina Virginia Macedo Azevedo