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Effect of myofunctional therapy on snoring in obese patients: A randomized trial


The prevalence of weight and obesity is increasing at an alarming rate in many countries. Among the complaints and habits related to sleep, snoring is the most prevalente complaint. The assessment of snoring is largely dependent on bed partner relationships and although many studies have looked at the effects of snoring, it is not routinely measured. The structures involved in obstructive respiratory disorders are neuromuscular units, which is the object of study and intervention in the area of Orofacial Motricity.


To analyze the effectiveness of myofunctional therapy (MT) in the treatment of snoring in obese patients.


This randomized clinical trial consisted of an experimental group (n=14) that underwent MT and a control group (n=26) that performed nonspecific exercises for the treatment of snoring. The Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS), Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), and Short-Form Health Survey (SF-36) were applied before and after treatment. Snoring was assessed subjectively by asking the partner about improvement after treatment. The SnoreLab app was used for objective assessment.


There was no significant effect of MT on any of the SnoreLab variables analyzed when groups, time points or covariates (adherence, age, body mass index [BMI], neck circumference, and sex) were compared. Neck circumference (cm) and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index score were significantly higher after treatment. There was no change in the Epworth Sleepiness Scale score after treatment. A correlation was found between BMI and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and between BMI and the functional capacity component of the SF-36. Patient adherence was similar between groups.


There was no significant difference in objectively or subjectively assessed snoring between pre- and post-therapy, although a mild reduction in the snore score was observed in the experimental group. Further studies are necessary to better assess the effect of MT on snoring in obese patients.


Myofunctional therapy. Snoring. Obesity. Randomized controlled trial. Smartphone.


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Thiare Sperger, Allan Cezar Faria Araujo, Carolina Ferraz Paula Soares