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Effect of social jet lag on metabolic outcomes six months after bariatric surgery


Circadian misalignment is caused by a failure in synchronization between endogenous (central and peripheral clocks) and environmental factors. Social jet lag (SJL) is a measure that indicates the degree of this misalignment and is related to a higher risk of obesity, changes in metabolic parameters and a worse eating pattern. However, the scientific literature is still scarce of studies on the association between SJL and metabolic parameters in bariatric patients.


To evaluate the association between SJL and metabolic parameters outcomes in a six-month follow-up after the surgery.


The study included 122 bariatric patients (77% women; 33 years [28 – 41.7]; 79.5% who underwent Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (BPGYR)). Metabolic parameters were analyzed in baseline and six months after bariatric surgery. Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE) adjusted for confounding factors were tested to examine the influence of SJL on the evolution of metabolic parameters. Linear regression was performed to assess the association between the degree of exposure of the SJL and the delta of the metabolic data.


A negative effect of the interaction between SJL and surgery time on insulin evolution (p= 0.01) and an isolated effect of SJL on HDL evolution (p= 0.02) was found. The linear regression results showed a negative association between the degree of exposure to SJL over the six months of follow-up and cholesterol reduction (p=0.02).


Social jetlag was negatively associated with outcomes of metabolic parameters six month after bariatric surgery. Thus, it is believed that future studies with longer follow-up time are needed to better elucidate these results.


Social jetlag, metabolic parameters and bariatric surgery


Área Clínica


Universidade Federal de Uberlândia - Minas Gerais - Brasil


Aline Cunha Carvalho, Maria Carliana Mota, Luisa Pereira Marot, Luís Augusto Mattar, José Américo Gomides de Sousa, Ana Cristina Tomaz Araújo, Camila Thais da Costa Assis, Cibele Aparecida Crispim